How to Make a Good Freelance Writer Portfolio

Your freelance writer portfolio is essential. As a freelance writer, you can work for different persons and get paid without having a structured workspace. You’ll need to build an excellent portfolio to get the right clients, though, as it will help them gather the required information about what you do.

How to Make a Freelance Writer Portfolio

Your portfolio will help you market what you do, so you have to get it right. You might choose to use freelance platforms or stand-alone. You’ll need to put up something simple, clear, and informative enough to attract clients and show off what you do.

You should know that your portfolio should reflect the content you write. Put up content for websites, blog posts, eBooks, and whitepapers as different clients make requests within this range.

Your portfolio will put you out there, sell what you’ve previously done, bring more work, and even help your employers with necessary information about you. Here are tips for your writer portfolio:

  • Biography

    Here you can give a brief description of yourself, list a professional name, job title, and a summary of what you do.

  • Freelance Portfolio Website

    Get a good website with good design, where you’ll share content that’ll interest your clients. Put your best articles in sections that indicate their type and ensure it’s easy to link back to the homepage.

    On the website, your outstanding bio should be seen, including links to your social media handles. It’s essential to make important areas visible enough. Add contact forms, with your email address for easy reach.

Top Writing Portfolio Websites

You could use some of these portfolio websites if you’re confused about how to create one.

  • Contently

    This free website allows you to display your writing projects from a single page. Your clients can also filter topics based on interest.

  • Squarespace

    This website isn’t free, but you’ll be able to incorporate graphics into your articles, and you can reach out for support 24/7.

  • WordPress

    You can check this out for easy content management, its services are more than portfolio building, and you could easily use it as a blog plugin.

Categories of Freelance Writing Portfolio

There are different types of portfolio you might need as a freelance writer:

  • Job portfolio

    In addition to a resume, this portfolio helps you showcase your writing skills for a job interview. A web portfolio will be accessible from any device or location. It will help sell you to the interviewer, even in your absence, and showcase all required work samples. It may include your CV, degrees, certification, licenses, and letters of recommendation. It will tell you why you’re the best fit.

  • Technical Writing Portfolio

    This portfolio will help you stand out if you have a niche in technical writing. You’ll need it to showcase samples of your work to reflect your mastery of technical writing skills.

Your portfolio will help you promote yourself and stand out in the freelance writing business. Try to group your best samples under appropriate sections for clients to navigate quickly and you’ll thrive in the industry.