Here are the Best Writing Apps For Freelance Writers

You might be a talented writer, but to prosper in the writing field, you need to become professional. Professionalism comes in handy with familiarizing yourself with many things more so when it is to writing. It might look like to type a certain number of words, but you need to ensure your writing is grammatically correct.
No one will publish content that is not suitable for readers. Other than being informative, it needs to have a systematic flow. It is enabling readers to find an easy time when reading. So, if you are an aspiring or a wannabe writer, then this article is for you.

Most Popular Apps

You will get high-quality information about the best writing apps in 2019 that will make you the best. So, here they are:

Microsoft Word

Popularly known as Word, it is a product of Microsoft. It is an application that has been there for a long time. Enabling writers to have an easy time when doing their tasks. Word was first used in 1983 and was known as Multi-Tool Word. Since that day, it has been in operation, and the developer (Microsoft) has been updating it annually.
It is compatible with Windows 10 for PC and mobile. You can use it either offline or online. However, once you install it on your device, it works even if you are not connected to any internet connection.


  • Insert. If you wish to insert different things on your Word documents such as images, tables, links, online videos, or other things, then you can use Word.
  • Design. Do you need to design your document in a certain way? Then Word gives you that ability. Things like themes, colors, watermarks, style sets, and many others are what you will find in design.
  • Review. You may want to check your document once you are done. Then to proof or translate your text, you can use this feature.
  • Home. The font and font size are essential to any document. The home feature also gives you the ability to edit your work.

Above are not the only features. There are many more. To know more about the download and start using Word as your primary writing application.


Having an assistant writing tool is what you require. Its development was in 2009 by Alex Shevchenko, Max Lytvyn, and Dmytro Lider. Grammarly works online; hence, you must be online to make good use of it.
Therefore, if you want to write a document whose spelling and grammar are correct, then use this writing app. Also, it helps you check plagiarism. As there are millions of articles online and you don’t want to deemed to have copied from them.
Furthermore, Grammarly allows you to set how you want your article to sound. So, to become a great writer, consider using Grammarly.

Google Docs

Available for Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Blackberry, Microsoft, Google, and Apple is a writing app you need to use. You can share it quickly, and your document will not be lost as it will be saved in your email.
Additionally, you can correct the mistakes or gives suggestions on the document. It is the best writing app for those who do blogging.

Other Writing Apps

Here are other writing apps you need to know.

  • Evernote Web
  • Scrivener
  • Werdsmith
  • Dictation
  • Draft

Therefore, to become a great writer, use the above writing apps. They are the best and will help you write the best content for your readers and gain more income.


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