Freelance Writing Ideas Wed, 23 Sep 2020 17:03:10 +0000 en-US hourly 1 32 32 How to Make Money Writing Online Tue, 21 Apr 2020 09:27:53 +0000 Read more »]]> Writing is a lucrative way of making money. You could either be writing for yourself or somebody. Either way, it’s an excellent opportunity to make easy money. Because of technological advancement, various platforms allows for everyone to get paid while writing.

Top 5 Means of Making Money Online

There are different ways by which writers can make money, and this is notwithstanding the different levels of expertise.

  1. Copywriting

    This type of online writing is very flexible. There is no specification as to who can write it. Students, workers, professionals, etc. can be copywriters. It is a bit different from the conventional blog writing and articles. Companies with websites and some businesses majorly use it. You have to learn how to write memos and employee manuals, as most companies need it. Some sites give opportunities to write for them on the internet. Job boards can also be useful to get copywriting jobs.

  2. Blogging

    It is a lot of people’s favorites because they get to express themselves in their way, especially if the blog is theirs. You can talk about your passions, likes, dislikes, and just pick random topics to write. Or you could also decide to choose a particular niche and stick to it. It is an excellent way of making money. The only issue with this type of method is that it takes a while before you start making money as you have to build an audience.

  3. Affiliate Marketing

    Like the name sounds, it is advertising other products through your blog. Usually, to be an affiliate marketer, your blogs should be about product reviews and analysis. This content helps customers who visit your blog to know about whatever product they want to buy. Once you have an established customer base, it is only reasonable that people with products might want to use your platform for advertising their merchandise. It comes at a cost, of course, depending on your discretion.

  4. Participate In Writing Contests

    While it might not be a foolproof method of making money, it sure is exciting. There are a lot of contests scattered all over the internet where you could win massive amounts of money just from writing. There are essays, poems, scripts, speeches, etc. on different subjects. It is also a great way of exploring your creative side.

  5. Web Content

    This type of writing is often confused with copywriting. It is not the same. What a web content writer does is to help create content for the business pages of websites. The primary purpose of this type of writing is to draw traffic to the business website. They do this by making use of Search engine optimization (SEO) tools. These types of writing jobs are usually found on LinkedIn and major writing platforms like Upwork. You have to advertise yourself by putting up some of your previous works.

Since you want to make money from writing, don’t forget to be versatile. It makes your style of writing outstanding. You can make money writing online quickly but trying any of the jobs above.

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How to Make a Good Freelance Writer Portfolio Tue, 21 Apr 2020 09:23:28 +0000 Read more »]]> Your freelance writer portfolio is essential. As a freelance writer, you can work for different persons and get paid without having a structured workspace. You’ll need to build an excellent portfolio to get the right clients, though, as it will help them gather the required information about what you do.

How to Make a Freelance Writer Portfolio

Your portfolio will help you market what you do, so you have to get it right. You might choose to use freelance platforms or stand-alone. You’ll need to put up something simple, clear, and informative enough to attract clients and show off what you do.

You should know that your portfolio should reflect the content you write. Put up content for websites, blog posts, eBooks, and whitepapers as different clients make requests within this range.

Your portfolio will put you out there, sell what you’ve previously done, bring more work, and even help your employers with necessary information about you. Here are tips for your writer portfolio:

  • Biography

    Here you can give a brief description of yourself, list a professional name, job title, and a summary of what you do.

  • Freelance Portfolio Website

    Get a good website with good design, where you’ll share content that’ll interest your clients. Put your best articles in sections that indicate their type and ensure it’s easy to link back to the homepage.

    On the website, your outstanding bio should be seen, including links to your social media handles. It’s essential to make important areas visible enough. Add contact forms, with your email address for easy reach.

Top Writing Portfolio Websites

You could use some of these portfolio websites if you’re confused about how to create one.

  • Contently

    This free website allows you to display your writing projects from a single page. Your clients can also filter topics based on interest.

  • Squarespace

    This website isn’t free, but you’ll be able to incorporate graphics into your articles, and you can reach out for support 24/7.

  • WordPress

    You can check this out for easy content management, its services are more than portfolio building, and you could easily use it as a blog plugin.

Categories of Freelance Writing Portfolio

There are different types of portfolio you might need as a freelance writer:

  • Job portfolio

    In addition to a resume, this portfolio helps you showcase your writing skills for a job interview. A web portfolio will be accessible from any device or location. It will help sell you to the interviewer, even in your absence, and showcase all required work samples. It may include your CV, degrees, certification, licenses, and letters of recommendation. It will tell you why you’re the best fit.

  • Technical Writing Portfolio

    This portfolio will help you stand out if you have a niche in technical writing. You’ll need it to showcase samples of your work to reflect your mastery of technical writing skills.

Your portfolio will help you promote yourself and stand out in the freelance writing business. Try to group your best samples under appropriate sections for clients to navigate quickly and you’ll thrive in the industry.

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How To Become A Freelance Writer And Earn Money Tue, 21 Apr 2020 09:03:49 +0000 Read more »]]> Some people think freelance writing is a scary venture, but the process is simple. Although it is not easy, every writer has different stories on how best to start freelancing. While they might not all be the same, specific steps, remain common. Honestly, freelancing may come with different challenges like any other profession, but if it’s what you love to do, you’ll find it rewarding.

How To Start Freelance Writing

There is several homework to do, starting as a freelancer, but you’ll reach your goals following these steps:

  1. Education And Training

    A degree may not be essential, but as a novice, you could use some basic courses in writing. You could take some online courses in writing; a communications and humanities background is also an added advantage. You could also seek a scholarship, fellowships, and other financial aids if you want to go deep. You’ll need more practice and experience as a freelancer than any degree.

  2. Consider A Staff Job

    Working as a writer for an agency will help you get the required training while you work. Working for a digital writing agency will put the icing on the cake as it gets you prepared to launch out when you finally do.

  3. Start Pitching

    You have to start pitching for gigs, either way, that’s the first way to start. You could push out any previously written article or short story to prove your competence, as that’s what employers want to see.

  4. Showcase Online

    Having an online portfolio is a plus in this business. You could start with a simple website that people can link to from your pitch. You could also use a portfolio website like Contently, or even start blogging! A blog allows you to perfect your writing skills and display your skills to potential clients and even gain following by your readers. A website would also send a notion of originality to your clients.

  5. Network

    You need the people in your life right now and those you’ll meet later as you never know who your next client might be. Put your social media connections to good use and maintain a good relationship with your existing clients. Your subsequent referral might just come from any of those, so keep your connection lines open.

  6. Receiving Payments

    You would need to decide how to receive payments. You could draft an invoice or use an invoice generator that does that for you, after which you could choose how your money comes. Most people use international online payment platforms like PayPal, and you might want to check it out.

  7. Prepare For The Worst

    There are times that clients won’t always show up, and you’ll get tonnes of rejection pitches, but that’s all part of what makes the journey exciting and rewarding. You’ll need to be disciplined to work, sort out your finances, and save for later because you’re your boss.

You’ll be ready to kick start your journey putting all these in mind, having guts and high-level resilience. Like any profession, it’s not without hurdles, but it’s a journey worth taking.

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Here are the Best Writing Apps For Freelance Writers Mon, 25 Nov 2019 10:55:36 +0000 Read more »]]> You might be a talented writer, but to prosper in the writing field, you need to become professional. Professionalism comes in handy with familiarizing yourself with many things more so when it is to writing. It might look like to type a certain number of words, but you need to ensure your writing is grammatically correct.
No one will publish content that is not suitable for readers. Other than being informative, it needs to have a systematic flow. It is enabling readers to find an easy time when reading. So, if you are an aspiring or a wannabe writer, then this article is for you.

Most Popular Apps

You will get high-quality information about the best writing apps in 2019 that will make you the best. So, here they are:

Microsoft Word

Popularly known as Word, it is a product of Microsoft. It is an application that has been there for a long time. Enabling writers to have an easy time when doing their tasks. Word was first used in 1983 and was known as Multi-Tool Word. Since that day, it has been in operation, and the developer (Microsoft) has been updating it annually.
It is compatible with Windows 10 for PC and mobile. You can use it either offline or online. However, once you install it on your device, it works even if you are not connected to any internet connection.


  • Insert. If you wish to insert different things on your Word documents such as images, tables, links, online videos, or other things, then you can use Word.
  • Design. Do you need to design your document in a certain way? Then Word gives you that ability. Things like themes, colors, watermarks, style sets, and many others are what you will find in design.
  • Review. You may want to check your document once you are done. Then to proof or translate your text, you can use this feature.
  • Home. The font and font size are essential to any document. The home feature also gives you the ability to edit your work.

Above are not the only features. There are many more. To know more about the download and start using Word as your primary writing application.


Having an assistant writing tool is what you require. Its development was in 2009 by Alex Shevchenko, Max Lytvyn, and Dmytro Lider. Grammarly works online; hence, you must be online to make good use of it.
Therefore, if you want to write a document whose spelling and grammar are correct, then use this writing app. Also, it helps you check plagiarism. As there are millions of articles online and you don’t want to deemed to have copied from them.
Furthermore, Grammarly allows you to set how you want your article to sound. So, to become a great writer, consider using Grammarly.

Google Docs

Available for Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Blackberry, Microsoft, Google, and Apple is a writing app you need to use. You can share it quickly, and your document will not be lost as it will be saved in your email.
Additionally, you can correct the mistakes or gives suggestions on the document. It is the best writing app for those who do blogging.

Other Writing Apps

Here are other writing apps you need to know.

  • Evernote Web
  • Scrivener
  • Werdsmith
  • Dictation
  • Draft

Therefore, to become a great writer, use the above writing apps. They are the best and will help you write the best content for your readers and gain more income.

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A Guide on How to Become an Amazing Copywriter in 2020 Mon, 25 Nov 2019 10:52:02 +0000 Read more »]]> You don’t need any training to become an expert copywriter and make enough income to pay your bills. Some of the great copywriters to ever lived like John Emory Powers never went to any school to study copywriting.
However, the passion they had steered them forward to becoming legends in this field. So, are you aspiring to become a copywriter? Then, this is for you. You need to use persuasive language to make people read your writing.
The main job of copywriters is coming up with newspaper advertisements, social media posts, white papers, sales letters, billboard messages, brochures, magazines, catalogs, and many others. Thus, to become one of them, you need to master a few tricks.

Types Of Copywriting Jobs

In this article, I will take you through various things that will make you become an outstanding copywriter to be emulated now and in the future.

  • Categories of Copywriters
  • There are three different categories of copywriters you can become. Please continue reading as I inform you about them in-depth.

  • Freelance Copywriter
  • It is a category many copywriters always want to become freelancers. The freelance copywriting type is well paying but not to all freelancers. How freelancers earn is very different. You might get a freelancer that makes millions while another is not capable of making even a thousand dollars in a year.

  • Agency Copywriter
  • When you work as an agency copywriter, many people will inform you that you have landed one of the best gigs. For you to become an agency copywriter, you need to move to the city. Here is where many companies require your expertise.
    You will be tasked to create ads for companies that appreciate your work. It is a nice gig, but it has challenges too.
    Corporate Copywriter
    Yeah, it has a high income, but you won’t feel happy working for one company for an extended period. That is more than annoying. You will even want to quit, but it is the only source of living you have. When working for a corporation, you will have numerous tasks like writing brochures, change in the web page, and writing TV scripts.

    Why Do You Become a Copywriter?

    You need to ask yourself this question. Why do I want to become a copywriter? Where to find a job? What is the best place where writers wanted? The following are things you need to know before terming yourself as a copywriter.
    Definition of Copywriting
    Not everyone understands the meaning of copywriting. Therefore, before knowing the tasks of a copywriter, understand its meaning.
    Why are they Important
    You need to know why a copywriter is essential. Know what responsibilities you will handle when you become one.
    Ways of Securing Jobs
    Know which methods you can use to secure a job that will make people appreciate your skills.
    How Much You Charge
    The amount you charge is significant. However, as a starter, you need to keep the rate a little bit low. That will help you gain experience then later increase it when you have a good work track record.

    I hope that you have learned a lot about copywriting. If you have any more questions, you can leave a comment, and we will respond. Thank you for reading, don’t forget to share it on your social media platforms.

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    How to Become a Freelance Travel Writer Mon, 22 Apr 2019 11:18:03 +0000 Read more »]]> How to be a travel writer includes learning about available opportunities and understanding personal interests when wanting to create written content for this form of writing. The great thing about this form of writing is you don’t have to travel to create content. It does help if you have experience visiting different places, but when you are able to do detailed research related to travel you can provide useful information to readers at any time. There are plenty of travel writer jobs online seeking skilled writers. Here are things you can do to help prepare for such opportunities to grow your travel writing experience.

    Learn about Types of Travel Writing Jobs in Demand

    There are various forms of businesss writing jobs available that include writing for travel services, blogs, magazine articles, and more. Upon determining you want to complete such writing projects about travel, learn where jobs are available and what clients want in quality travel content writers. You may notice certain forms of writing are in demand such as writings about exotic places, or best places to vacation. If you have personal interest in traveling or have personal experience that is useful to others, you’ll find creative ways to make your mark as a writer. Take notes on types of jobs you want to do and what is required.

    Become a Travel Writer by Sharing Personal Experiences

    You can share experiences related to your travels by starting a blog or applying for jobs related to your interests. One of the first aspects to know about how to become a travel writer includes knowing how to distinguish your voice related to personal interests and experiences. Use what you know about travel to assist with creating content to use to apply for work. Even new writers to the genre may easily create useful content based on personal travels. Brainstorm ideas for writing such as how to plan for a trip, why you should visit a city or country, and other insightful suggestions to encourage people to get more out of their travels.

    Create Samples to Use as a Freelance Travel Writer

    Establishing yourself as a freelance travel writer includes creative a portfolio or having samples of previous work. Complete research on places you want to visit or places you’ve enjoyed in the past. Write about your experiences and information collected. Consider having a few sample pieces to show different variations of writing such as listicles, how-to articles, reviews, and opinions to name a few. Showing your diverse writing abilities may help you get more freelance travel writer job opportunities. A bonus to consider is pictures or photography from places you’ve visited or knowing where to find quality pictures to use for articles if clients request them.

    Know How to Produce Quality Freelance Travel Writing Content

    Before you can start getting paid for writing travel articles, you need to know how to write them in ways clients expect. Find a few travel writings to study and note what readers like about the content. Pay attention to vocabulary, presentation, topics, and other elements. Figure out how your skills fit into the concept for this form of writing. Many freelance travel writing jobs explore many angles of travel. You can produce long or short articles. You may have ideas for a travel series or want to introduce potential ideas for original content to potential clients.

    What else should you know about how to become a travel writer and get paid? You’ll be able to find a place to fit in based on your skills and expertise. New writers will find ways to break into travel writing with easy options including blog post writing about past experiences. Sometimes experience isn’t required for this form of writing, but willingness to provide detailed information that others will find useful while being easy to follow. Set goals on how you want to establish your experience as a writer in the travel niche. Seek insight from experienced writers about how they got started and what they suggest as a newbie. Consider social groups and forums for writers providing feedback on written content. Study travel writing materials to learn what’s trending.

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    Professional’s Advice on How to Become a Ghostwriter Mon, 22 Apr 2019 11:16:35 +0000 Read more »]]> Ghostwriting is a great way to help others get their message across to an audience. There are many reasons to consider booking ghostwriting jobs including lucrative earnings, great writing practice, and a unique way to offer your writing expertise to others. Fortunately, there are many things to do when considering how to get started in this area of writing. As you learn which actions are best with your skills you’ll define your experience and how you want your talents valued among the needs of anyone seeking writing content. Here are a few basic things to consider when getting started.

    Become a Ghostwriter by Seeking Opportunities

    What kind of ghostwriting jobs are available and what kind of work do they do? One of the first actions to consider when establishing as a ghostwriter is to learn about gigs available and related services sought by potential clients. Many ghost writer jobs are straightforward in what information is needed to complete the task. Completing this form of work includes understanding needs of clients and how to project the message they want their audience to know. You can produce original content for any form of writing such as blog posts, articles, emails, marketing materials, and so on. Remember, your name may not appear next to the content, but whoever hired you will know it’s your content. Produce written content to please others.

    Learn How to Become a Ghostwriter with Patience

    Sometimes it takes a moment to get gigs for this kind of work. Many writers are established as a ghostwriter and many opportunities available may give writers ongoing writing tasks. You can apply for work but remember it may take time to find what you want and to understand how your talents may be used. Some may find work doing smaller tasks leading up to a major project. While you’re waiting for work, practice through writing exercises or personal projects such as a novel, poetry, or journaling. Keep in mind, some projects may require lots of research and writing so it helps to choose projects you can complete without any problems.

    Explore How to be a Ghostwriter with a Different Voice and Style

    How would you describe your writing style and voice as a writer? An advantage to providing written content to others is the ability to play with style and tone. Many ghost writing jobs are written featuring different writing styles. Explore which styles fit your way of writing and learn about opportunities you can apply letting you exercise your style. Things you like and have most interest may define your creative writing voice. If you’re not sure how to define your voice and style, consider sharing written content with others for feedback. Get advice from other writers are determining writing style. Consider popular forms of writing most sought by clients.

    Becoming a Ghostwriter includes Writing Books

    A common piece of advice for anyone seeking work as a ghostwriter is to write a book. You can choose to write a book you’ve always wanted to write or take on the task for someone else that wants a book written. A vast number of book publications are written by ghostwriters. Publications such as cookbooks, brochures, flyers, and instruction manuals are a few possible ideas to consider. You can also explore the writing concept further by reading books on the subject. You’ll learn other ways to determine how to break into it as a freelancer. Explore different types of books to write such as eBooks and forms of technical writing.

    After reviewing different ways to learn how to be a ghost writer, you should gain perspective on actions you can take to see results you want. Providing well written content for clients without credit is more than just a lucrative way to earn money. It allows you to provide support with focus on meeting client needs. The activity lets you be creative and open while choosing projects based on interests. Experiment with different writing projects that let you provide detailed, informative content. Think about books, magazines, and content for different age groups that require ghostwritten talent. You’ll never know what opportunities are available seeking your writing expertise.

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    Complete Guide To Building A Writing Portfolio Wed, 06 Mar 2019 14:43:37 +0000 Read more »]]> A necessary marketing tool for any writer is a writer’s portfolio. Starting a writing career includes establishing a portfolio of your best works. What are the most important things to know when establishing how to make a writing portfolio? While it shows your strengths and experiences it is important to learn why having one is important and how it plays an important role in getting yourself established as a professional writer. As stated by writers at WritingJobz, your portfolio will grow over time depending on your interests, skills, and niches you select. Here are basic tips to help learn how to create a writing portfolio for your writing endeavors.

    Knowing the Basics of Building a Portfolio

    Establishing a portfolio doesn’t take long, but the more time invested in creating it the better the outcome for you leading to more clients. The portfolio for a writer may vary from one writer to the next. It is important to know what to include and how to present it because it often makes a first impression on your behalf to potential clients. Things such as your bio, writing experiences, and writing samples are included. The portfolio may be in print or digital through an online website. There are different ways to get attention to your portfolio, but you want it to look its best first because it can continue to help you obtain writing opportunities for an extended time period.

    Selecting Samples for Your Professional Writing Portfolio

    What are samples for a portfolio? They are written content that show your writing talents and capabilities. An important aspect when learning how to do a portfolio is to know which writing pieces to include. Your writing pieces show you’re an expert or have experience in certain niches. If you specialize in a niche you can provide variations of the type of research and writing you’ve completed. The samples may be articles, essays, or reports created for your portfolio or content created for others. While your writing pieces provide insight on your abilities, as you learn more about how to start a portfolio, your biography will help tie together your experience while showing your professionalism as a writer.

    Creating Your Bio

    One element to review when understanding how to build a writing portfolio includes writing your biography. For inspiration consider reading bios of writers you admire. Consider personal details accordingly. It can be a summary of your writing experience and your reason or purpose for being a writer. If you have any accomplishments related to writing mention them. Your bio is a great opportunity for people to get to know you as a writer and what influences you to write. Write a draft bio with ideas of what you want to mention about yourself and revise before finalizing. As you see how to build a portfolio consider how you want others to view your abilities and experience.

    Using Other Platforms to Display Your Portfolio

    Another important factor of creating a freelance writer portfolio is learning about ways to showcase your content using online options such as hosting websites and choosing the right design. Some webhosting sites provide templates for portfolios with variations in designs, colors, and themes. Some writers have an online portfolio and a print portfolio to show potential clients in-person. They are great marketing tools and you can include contact information to encourage clients to connect with you. Upon exploring ways to display your portfolio compare pros and cons to help choose the best option for your work.

    After learning how to put together a writing portfolio you should have a good idea how you want to showcase your abilities to obtain the opportunities you want. Your portfolio will include basic details about you and your writing experience. Mention other accomplishments related to your writing experience such as eBook writing or other skills you’ve acquired such as translating languages, editing, proofreading, and so on. As you review other writer portfolios you’ll notice each one is very different. Think about details people want to know about your writing experience and incorporate it into your portfolio. Show your best work and provide insight on how you can help others get the written content they need.

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    Start Writing Articles for Money in 5 Easy Steps Wed, 06 Mar 2019 14:42:03 +0000 Read more »]]> How do you start making money writing? If you love to read and write why not learn how to be an article writer? There are tons of written content all around us from print publications to websites and digital media. When you have a unique passion about something you can use your voice to share what you know or raise awareness. While you can earn money creating articles, it helps to focus on a few things to ensure you earn your worth. Here are five steps to help you start earning from article writing.

    Know Your Niches to Make Money Freelance Writing

    Research trending content and you’ll see firsthand which niches are popular. Subjects such as politics, technology, and entertainment always have fresh content because there are things always happening people want to read about. Think about hobbies, sports teams, or whatever your personal interest. Research these areas and know topics to write about people will want to read. Know how to add your voice to the content, but be yourself. You’ll also want to note credible research sources to rely on for data.

    Know How to Make Money as a Writer with the Right Samples

    Writing samples are key to landing the work you want. They show your abilities and experience while letting potential clients know what to expect from you. The samples should be free of errors, written with quality content, and provide clear insight on the value of your work. Have a variety of samples on hand including content for proofreading and editing jobs if you are interested in landing such gigs.

    Establish a Portfolio to Display Your Work

    When you make money writing from home it is important to establish a detailed portfolio showing your work. The portfolio will include your bio, samples, and accomplishments as a writer. It shows a brief area of your experience, but it can be created around personal interests and inspired by the types of article writing jobs you want. Seek sample writer portfolios online to use as a template to make yours.

    Work on Your Pitch to Help Land Gigs

    How to make money as a freelance writer includes knowing how to pitch potential clients. There are many strategies to consider including job boards, cold pitching with or without a blog, using social media, and guest posting. Some admit they struggle with this element and it may take some time to master when it comes to certain types of writing jobs. How you pitch depends on the job. Pitching to a magazine editor an article idea may not be the same as pitching to a popular online blog or local organization seeking to hire a writer for a newsletter.

    Establish Payment and Accounting Methods

    Writing articles for money includes knowing how you’ll be paid for your work, understanding how to set your rates, and how to create invoices while keeping track of earnings and expenses. Learn financial tools recommended for freelancers. There are financial blogs providing leads to sites to help you create templates for invoices and other useful legal advice including what to do when a client doesn’t pay you.

    Join Writer Communities and Get Recommendations and Feedback

    Get useful insight from other writers with experience on how to make money freelance writing. Stay in the know about freelance writing by joining an online community. Research local writing groups you can connect with as well. A writer’s community is a great place to get advice, tips, and learn useful insight from other writers. Get job leads, writing critiques, and have a place to vent when under pressure.

    While this is just the basics of getting started on how to freelance, write for money opportunities include personal planning of your schedule while including personal writing goals. Using these tips give insight on how to make a plan for your writing endeavors. As you learn the basics about writing and earning money, you’ll learn more about how to define your writing business while establishing long and short-term goals. Consider platforms with reputable history and overall positive feedback from writers and clients when seeking paid opportunities, start with writing cheap essays. Note rejection rates are high but staying positive and persistent will lead to paid gigs you want.

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