The Hire Association Europe and Event Hire Association (HAE, EHA) have selected UWE Bristol for a partnership to help them develop an ILM Level 5 Leadership and Management qualification for the Industry.

Part of the partnership enables the HAE and EHA  to use the facilities at the new Bristol Business School. On June 13th, HAE and EHA committee member representatives hosted their Technical Health and Safety and Training group meeting in the Bristol Business School.

Richard Whiting, Commercial Manager for HAE commented:

It was a real pleasure for Hire Association Europe to be able to hold our  Technical Health and Safety and Training group meetings at the state of the art and somewhat futuristic new Bristol Business School at UWE.  The facilities and warm welcome we received were first class and the tour of the facilities further outlined what a fantastic venue this is.  I’d encourage anybody to visit if they get the chance

The HAE and EHA are the industry leading trade association for plant, tool and event hire across their sectors. They assists businesses, from sole traders to larger independent and privately owned organisations, by providing operational resources, services and benefits to support the hire and event industries.

UWE Bristol will continue to work with the HAE and EHA to produce the ILM Level 5 qualification that will be eventually rolled out and offered to all members.

Graham Arundell , Managing Director of HAE  commented on the partnership:

Equipping people with qualifications , transferable skills and knowledge will undoubtedly develop professionalism and competence ultimately improving and driving the hire sector forward.

For more information on working with UWE Bristol to develop courses for your employees please contact